GPS Tracking System

GPS trackers provide an excellent way to keep track of where your young kids or teens are traveling. Through the use of a small device and a simple software application on your Mac, Windows PC or smartphone, you can monitor their location from anywhere. These GPS navigators are small and easy to set up and use, and will show you an updated, time-stamped location of your child, teen or even a pet that tends to runaway. It will also keep a history of where they’ve been, and some products can even tell you if your teen has been driving over the speed limit.


  • LSE GPS/GPRS based tracking system
  • Locate your Vehicle position in real time
  • Replay the route taken by your vehicle
  • Track anywhere in India
  • Accurate report on Distance, Speed, Idling Time and more
  • Inbuilt Speedometer, Odometer and Motion Sensor
  • Concealed and Hidden installation by Expert Technicians
  • Rugged, Tested and Proven GPS Units
  • Easy to use web based application on mobile and computer