Data Recovery

Data loss is major problem these days whether as businesses or individuals they are badly affected when their important data is lost due to many reasons. We recover data from corrupted hard disks of any size, type and configuration.
We provide a Best, Fast, Cost Effective & Professional Data Recovery Services. You can rely on us for your data.
We specialise in helping with the problems that computer shops, IT experts and other data recovery companies can’t help with. We have the highest level of expertise in this field in Bangalore to give you the best possible chance to get your important files back in a safe and professional way.
FCI follows a tested and proven procedure to maximize the chance of data recovery.
We recover data from the following media:
Hard Disk Drive (Parallel & Serial ATA, SCSI), External USB drives, NAS drives, USB flash sticks, all smart phones, camera cards, Floppy Disk, CD and DVD
We specialise in recovery from hard drive in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10 and all NAS RAID devices.
Data copy & backup on DVDs, USB, external hard drives.
If you encounter a situation of data loss it is very important to know the key factors that can minimize the risk of data loss by taking action at the right time.

  • Do not use any application/program that accesses or alters the media in problem in any way.
  • Do not restart the machine.
  • Do not try to repair the hard disk or any such physical media device on our own.
  • Do not use automatic recovery tools.
  • Do not switch on any device that shows the obvious signs of physical damage.
  • Shut down any system/device that makes odd noises such as clicking or grinding when operated.
  • Assess the situation. Observe and record the sequence of actions performed, the events occurred that may have caused the problem. Make a note of this information this may help you proving us preliminary assessment through our assessment form.
  • Call our technical consultant and we will pick up your defective unit/device.
  • Or wrap the defective unit in anti-static foam or anti-static bubble wrap paper and securely ship to our facility in a sealed pack.
  • Use a carrier that provides you with proof of delivery of a product shipped to our facility.