Computer AMC


We are a reputed maintenance & Service provider of computer Hardware &Peripherals, UPS & all types of Printers, branded PCs. We have been one of the preferred IT deal partners to many clients. We deal in computers, computers accessories, computer service, computer AMC, Computer Parts, UPS, HUB, Switch, LAN Card, Wires & Branded PC.

Our Activities

S.N SMART  SOLUTIONS has grown multifold during the past 5 year, apprehending the business prospects many players have plunged into the business of computer hardware and Peripherals. And now the times has come to best Quality, Price war and support & service

We hereby giving our offer Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract

 (AMC) As Follows


  • PC System and all its peripherals should not be moved from installed position without the knowledge of concerned of S.N SMART SOLUTIONS OR his guidance.
  • Maintenance service will be provided within 48 hours.
  • Burn & Damaged goods/part not cover in A.M.C.
  • The contract will cease if any person other than S.N SMART SOLUTIONS opens the systems. The customers have the right to make any changes or attachment to the equipment under AMC, by concerning with AFFIANCE CORPORTION. If any up gradation or addition is to be made to the systems then it should be done in the presence of a representative of S.N SMART SOLUTIONS SERVICES and AMC charges will be increased accordingly.
  • We shall not be responsible for repair of damages or malfunctions of system due to accident, or use of non-standard electrical power, dust air conditioning, if repaired the customers has to bear the cost of spares.
  • Replacement of all parts (all spares), consumables parts like ribbon printer head, floppies, key switches & tops, hard disk media, CRT, cabinet, adaptor, plastic parts, CD – tape head/ lenses/scanner unit/ any type of magnetic Media etc. shall be charged extra as they are not covered under any type AMC agreement (AMC with parts or AMC without parts) in laser – DMP printer & desk jet printer’s spares and scanner’s spares will be charged extra. In line drivers and dump terminal spares will be extra.

AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract of Computer & Peripherals, Networking, CCTV

  • Customer will Hand over the system in perfect working conditions to S.N SMART SOLUTIONS who in turn will hand over the system in perfect working conditions to customers at the time of termination of contracts. AMC will cover only electronic parts of Computer Device not any Plastic or metal parts.
  • Initially AMC will be under taken for the machine in Ok condition and if any repair required before commencement of AMC. Shall be done at customers cost i.e. ONE TIME REPAIR-REPORT (OTR_REPORT) before AMC Under taken system will be checked are repair on customer cost, Above AMC contact valid for hardware only, If Software support required a part from operating system ,will charged extra.
  • If any major crashed in computer system due to virus attack will not covered under AMC Repair and damage cost will be paid by customer.

Additional Facility

One service Engineer will be Allotted to you for service call, if than 70 computer, which save our Customer time

(Same Engineer Won’t require inputs to start the service call, normally familiar with customer hardware Setup)

Stand by Facilities for CPU & Printer online & offline Services 

Here is our offer for Hardware AMC of computer And Also our Other General Terms & Conditions enclosed.

Please Read the Quotation, and Feel free to discuss any doubts. Hoping to work with you in the time to come.

Thanking you and assuring you our best support & services all the times.